Testimonials about The Floating Gourmet


Helen and the crew from Unforgettable 6, November 8th, 2013
We have now returned home from our amazing unforgettable houseboat holiday! It was truly unbelievable and one to remember. So much food and wine and laughter! We want to thank you so much for the most amazing, delicious food that you bought for us. It was absolutely top notch! All the meat was first class, everyone kept raving about it! Also, everything else was superb, beautiful fresh fruit and vegetables. We also appreciated so much the way it was all so beautifully packed away for us. So, Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou!! I was just disappointed not to have met you when we arrived at the boat, but Steve said you were not well at all. I hope you are back on deck now and doing what you do best! We will be recommending you to anyone who goes on the Unforgettable boats, and hope one day we might do it all again. Wishful thinking, maybe!!

Hi Angie and Steve Just wanted to say a big thank you from us all. Superb quality food, and it all worked so well. We would never have had the time to do what you did for us. A special thanks for that gorgeous cheese you left us. We were licking our lips after that one. You certainly get a big tick and glowing reports for anyone who is coming your way. Thanks once again.

Christine Mooney
I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful job you did in organising all our food for our recent holiday. It really was so nice to just walk on the boat and find all the food and drink already there and put away and we hadn't had to do anything. There was plenty of food and so much choice and the meat was really good quality. We thoroughly enjoyed everything. The wine you chose was great with such variety catering for all our tastes. All in all it was very successful so thank you once again for making our holiday all that more enjoyable.

Well we are all back to work ;-( but saving for the next holiday! I wanted to personally thank you for the all your efforts in provisioning our boat – I didn’t appreciate what a huge effort it was until we came on board and saw everything packed away. So a big thank you from all of us! The quality of the produce was superb. Thanks also for the very unexpected but very appreciated gift on the day. I am a very avid “trip advisor” fan and with that comes being a very keen reviewer - I’m just putting together a review for Unforgettable which includes comments for Floating Gourmet – can only say they will be positive ones and hope that any one seeing these will be encouraged to find out more about what you offer.

Janet Naughton
We are back home in WA now after our wonderful week on the Murray River. Thank you very much for the wonderful service you provided. The quality was excellent, the bread, fruit, salads and meats were all fantastic. No one had tasted a better watermelon, it was very popular! It made our arrival much easier and would recommend any one to do the same. You did a fantastic job and we really appreciate it. Hope you have a great year, and all the very best wishes from all of us....

Chris Townson
Thank you so much for all that you did on our recent holiday on the river. You made our experience so much more easier through your hard work and correspondence, no one could believe there eyes when they got on board and saw all the food and drinks stowed away so well. All of us loved the freshness and quality of the produce that you provided and we really did eat and drink like kings. (still getting over it!) We will be coming back down in the near future to do it again and you will be one of the first contacts I make to get the ball rolling.

Far exceeding our expectations. Not only did we have heaps to eat, but everything was incredibly delicious. Excellent choices made by you on all items...Thanks so much.

Jenny Rogers - Otaki New Zealand
Your service was excellent - as was the food! All the fruit and vegetables were extremely fresh. The presentation of the platters when we arrived on board were superb. A great selection of delectables! The amount of food you supplied for our time onboard was absolutely spot-on and certainly no-one went hungry. The variety of food you offered and your menu suggestions were brilliant. I would highly recommend that anyone traveling with a group should use your service. Make your holiday hassle-free and call Angie today!

Peter & Debra van der Wielen
What an absolutely fabulous job you performed for us.

I was on the plane going to Adelaide and I said to my husband when we get to Adelaide we have to do the shopping for the week, for the boat. He nearly passed out and said that he could think of nothing more stressful for the start of a holiday.

When we arrived at Mannum and boarded the boat only the girls could appreciate what your service had done. Then a couple of car loads of people arrived and they unloaded boxes and boxes of food and alcohol, and that is when the boys told us to come and have a look. We were absolutely flabbergasted at how much stuff they were loading. That is when we all took stock on what is actually involved with your service.

We came to the conclusion that not only was it an excellent service that you provide, but to cheap. Given that you go to different shops and then closer to the day go and get fresh fruit, veg & dairy etc.

Your service is being highly recommended to the people that are in awe of our Truly Unforgettable holiday and it is thanks to people like you that make it that way.

Good luck in the future and congratulations to a fantastic idea.

Lyn Arnott and all on board Truly Unforgettable!
Having had a Truly Unforgettable Murray River adventure, venturing out from Mannum.

This is note to say a HUGE THANK YOU for supplying the food that made our trip so absolutely memorable, fantastic, cant wait to do it again...

The quality of food provided was 1st class!
The packaging ensured that everything was fresh for the whole week!
The fruit ripeness was staged so that we were still eating lovely fresh, tasty fruit at the end of the week!
Although we did cut down a little bit on our initial order - at your recommendation...we still had more than enough to have late night snacks and smorgasbord meals - every meal!
At $150 per person for food for one week (20 meals each) - we ate like kings!
We had planned to dine out at Swan Reach one evening. No need, when the quality of food and the fun we all had preparing meals together was all part of the enjoyment and pleasure of our boat and the meal planning!

Again, many thanks for the enormous effort you went to on our behalf - and the lovely Welcome Aboard gift box!

Robyn Young
Hi Angie
It is over a month since we saw you on board "Moon Dance" and I did promise to give you some feedback about the services you provided for us. Sorry about the delay.

Firstly, I can say that we were very happy with the all the food you supplied us. The fruit was fresh and of the highest quality. A testament to your selection was that it lasted ten of us for the whole week, mostly without refrigeration. The vegetables, similarly, were of excellent quality and were enjoyed by all on board. Because of the exceptional quality of the meats you provided, our roasts, BBQ's and Curries were particularly well received. As well, the dairy products were supplied just as we requested.

Secondly, it was such a joy to come on board and find everything carefully stowed away.

Thirdly, Lyn and I were pleased with your advice about our choices of food and quantities for a party of ten. As keen cooks, we very much appreciated the care and attention you paid in selecting our provisions. We quite happily took the compliments from all on board the houseboat about the "great food" we served, but, in truth, most of the praise is due to you for giving us quality ingredients to cook with!

Anyway, thanks for your great services as provedore, which contributed significantly to our whole group's enjoyment of our "houseboat on the Murray" experience. It was an unforgettable week!

I hope your business really prospers and should I have the opportunity, I will recommend your services at " Floating Gourmet" without reservation. Thanks again.

Jeff Hughes
Thank you very much for managing our food and grocery order for our recent houseboat trip and for the surprise gift package. It certainly took a lot of the headache out of our arrangements and made the on-board catering very easy. We are more than happy to recommend your service to others. Thanks again

Heather Jamieson (Brisbane)
Thank you Angie.
For the past 2 holidays, you have outfitted our houseboats with the freshest foods. Your service and quality of foods are superb, and I have never tasted such tender meats and great fresh fruit and vegetables. You have made our holiday so stress free, and I could not even imagine the stress of food shopping for 18 people for a 10 day holiday. You have saved us a lot of time. Even when speaking to you on the phone, you were ever so helpful, with many helpful suggestions on menus.

Exceptional job well done. We will be using you again on our next trip down the Murray.